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Packing Light & Shooting Big: Podcast with Photography Round Table

If you haven't subscribed to David Johnston's podcast Photography Roundtable yet, be sure to check-out his episodes! David and I recently had a great conversation on topics like avoiding burnout, what makes a great photo when a location has been shot a million times before and packing light. You can listen to the episode here.

Is it Safe to Drive in Peru? Getting Off the Beaten Path (and other travel tips)

Dan and I just returned from a 5-week road trip in Peru. We hope to share some valuable tips with those who are interested in seeing more of what the country has to offer, outside of iconic places like Machu Pichu and the floating islands. Of course driving in Peru means added risks, but it’s well worth the freedom of exploring with no guides, no tour buses and virtually no restrictions. For photographers it’s a dream. Here are a few things we learned along the way. Travel Safety Before our trip, we did the usual due diligence and researched how safe it is to drive in Peru. To our surprise there wasn’t a lot of readily available information out there about driving in Peru beyond the road fro

The Most Critical Element in Photography?

This landscape photography lesson talks about one of the most critical elements in photography: How to keep your photo clean and simple — a concept that could be the single most important part of creating powerful compositions. The video was shot in Moab, Utah in a very challenging shooting situation. My goal is to give you real life, in the field examples of how to find a simple subject in a very busy area. Camera settings and basic focus stacking are also touched on (a full focus stacking video coming soon). This is the first video in what will be a series on landscape and travel photography tips and tutorials! Feel free to share you thoughts in the comment section of my Youtube channel!

Q&A With Loaded Landscapes

I was recently interviewed for an article on Loaded Landscapes Blog. Marc asked some provoking questions about my experience as a landscape photographer. Here's a few highlights from the interview below. Feel free to click to read the full story. What is one important lesson that you have learned through your own photography? The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to not get frustrated when I don’t find great light. For the first several years of doing photography full-time, it was incredibly discouraging to go on a long and expensive trip and not come home with the quality of images I had hoped for. Sometimes to the point where I felt terrible afterward. Once I learned to stop worrying so much