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Best Lenses for Landscape Photography When Traveling

I’ve had a lot of questions lately about gear — many of which are focused on the best lenses for landscape photography. I thought I would share an explanation of my recommendations for those who are either just getting started or are in the market for an upgrade. Hope this helps! First off, my lens selection is based on the set-up as a whole and having a light weight kit. This is especially important to me as a landscape photographer, because being versatile and keeping things super simple is key. I feel that when you are in the field and things are happening fast less is definitely more. Speed and timing versus having a bag full of options can often times be the difference between getting a

6 Epic Locations for Photography in Colorado

I’ve spent nearly 15 years exploring Colorado’s soaring mountain vistas in search of incredible scenes. While you could say that nearly all of Colorado is beckoning to be photographed, these are the areas that I’ve found to have the most potential for creating powerful landscape photography. My expectations for an area are based on the ability to find shots that have rarely been shot, sharp or snowcapped peaks, intriguing foregrounds and good weather patterns. Some of these locations are off-the-beaten path while other are pretty well known. Either way, I encourage you to visit these areas to see what kind of unique images you can create out of the breathtaking landscape! Picturesque Barns i