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5 Tips to Unlock Your Creative Potential [Guest Post]

One of the most challenging aspects of photography is learning to be creative and see creatively. It’s easy to believe that some people are born with natural ability and many of us assume that we just don’t have it. However, this is not an excuse not to aim for a high level of achievement. I’ve always told my students that photography, or any art for that matter, is NOT about natural talent. Nobody is born with the creative eye. No artist stumbled on their craft by accident. We all start off as beginners and we all go through the challenges of making it to the next level. Once we acknowledge that we are not limited by our natural born abilities – we can shift focus to our desire to learn and

Dan Joins Team Breakthrough

I’ve always worked with sponsors in various ways, but only with the companies that I trust and consider their products to be the best out there. A while back, I had the opportunity to test Breakthrough Filters, a kick-starter research and manufacturing company from San Francisco. I brought some of their filters with me to try out while shooting this summer in Iceland, Norway and Canada. I put them through rigorous testing and found them to have amazing clarity and were easy to use. I was even more impressed by Breakthrough after meeting with the people behind the product – the engineers and founder of Breakthrough. They gave me a tour of their Denver factory and I was able to see in person h