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Dan Joins Team Breakthrough

I’ve always worked with sponsors in various ways, but only with the companies that I trust and consider their products to be the best out there. A while back, I had the opportunity to test Breakthrough Filters, a kick-starter research and manufacturing company from San Francisco. I brought some of their filters with me to try out while shooting this summer in Iceland, Norway and Canada. I put them through rigorous testing and found them to have amazing clarity and were easy to use.

I was even more impressed by Breakthrough after meeting with the people behind the product – the engineers and founder of Breakthrough. They gave me a tour of their Denver factory and I was able to see in person how they are innovating new products that are truly easy to use for a working photographer. I’m excited to work with a company that is so open to feedback from pros who use their gear everyday.

All things considered, I decided to make the switch from working with Singh Ray Filters to Team Breakthrough. Singh Ray Filters is still a great company and they make solid products, I’ve just found Breakthrough to be a better fit for my photography needs.

Here are the Breakthrough Filters I keep in my bag:

• X4-Dark CPL 3 Stop

• X4-10 Stop ND

• X4 -6 Stop ND

You can learn more about Breakthrough Photography here.

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