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Lush green landscape with waterfall and mountains during sunrise.
Dan Ballard Headshot - Photographer and Workshop Instructor

Internationally Known Travel and Landscape Photographer

Dan Ballard is a pro landscape photographer, avid traveler and educator. He has been to over 60 countries across the globe in search of a great image or a memorable experience.

Influenced by his early years growing up in a small town in Colorado, Dan’s love for photography comes from a strong desire to share a sense of wonder for the world with others.

Dan has been invited to speak around the world at photo events and festivals, and he has sold images to major publications and clients globally, including The National Geographic Society and The Travel Channel. He teaches photo workshops year round.

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Logos of publication examples
dan ballard pro landscape photographer overlooking Lake Powell viewpoint
dan ballard and nicole albrecht stand in front of glacier
dan ballard photographer landscape ireland
dan ballard photographer nepal_edited
Dan Ballard Photographer Norway
Dan Ballard Photographer Wyoming
Dan Ballard Photographer Africa
Dan Ballard Photographer Utah Cliff
dan ballard photographer kyrgyzstan back
Dan Ballard Photographer Ethiopia
Dan Ballard Photographer Senja
Dan Ballard Photographer Alaska trip
Dan Ballard Photographer Rock Church
dan ballard nicole albrecht morocco
dan ballard photographer wind river
dan ballard photographer kyrgyzstan
Snowwy mountain peak close up faded in background

Dan's Co-Conspirator 

Nicole is Dan's manager and full-time partner in crime. With a background in event marketing, she tackles workshops logistics, web editing, video production and all things digital. Previously, Nicole worked with the 4th largest fine arts festival in the country. 

Nicole Albrecht Headshot, Workshop Coordinator
Old house and barn in open field during evening storm in Kim, Colorado

Colorado Raised 

Much of Dan's work is inspired by growing up in the small town of Kim, Colorado. 

Landscape Photography Keynote Speaker

Dan has been invited to speak at symposiums, festivals, trade shows and workshops around the world. He is an entertaining and accomplished speaker, receiving glowing reviews from audiences.  Dan challenges photographers of all levels to think differently about designing and processing their images. Some of his most recent speaking events include festivals in London, Leads, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Moscow, Denver and Moab. 

Why Talent is Over-Rated

Photographers of all levels often believe they just don't have the gift. Many feel they are lacking the "eye," the creative ability, the talent. New research in neuroscience tells a different story.

The Art of Creating a Powerful Image

To create a truly powerful image, we must combine light, emotion and elements of the world around us. Yet, due to the simplicity of pushing the little button, we almost never achieve that lofty end. 

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Shoot Like a Painter

With the exception of the most abstract work, conscious and deliberate thought is involved in every aspect of creating. In this lecture, Dan shares his process on how to put your ideas on a canvas. 

Creating Movement in Design

Creating movement may be the most important ingredient in making a powerful image; yet learning to use it in your photography is one of the hardest things to do. 

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Alaska Mountain Range faded in background
Dan at the OUTSIDERS Landscape Photography Conference
Dan will presenting alongside some of the biggest names in landscape photography, including Art Wolfe, Adam Gibbs and Alex Noriega, in Utah on April 16-18 2021. Use code BALLARD150. 
Collage of photography sponsor logos

Dan is proud to be on the Mpix, Breakthrough Photography and BlackRapid Pro Teams, and to have strong working relationships with the most trusted names in photography, including SanDisk, ThinkTank Photo, Nik Sofware, and Really Right Stuff. His images have been published in magazines and calendars worldwide.

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