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Dan Ballard has been teaching photography for over 10 years, working with hundreds of photographers across the globe. After many successful years of leading workshops, he is thrilled to bring some of his most valuable lessons to share in an online format. 


Artistic Photo Editing 

Create More Powerful Landscape Images 

COST: $60

DURATION: 4.5 hours+

This video course is for anyone who wants to learn how I edit my images from beginning to end. We'll work through 22 images and varying types of scenes to demonstrate the full process. My method is both simple and powerful – geared towards serious photographers of all levels who want to create stunning images, but don't want to get bogged down figuring out every tool in Photoshop.

✓ 80% Lightroom / 20% Photoshop 

✓ Focus on Artistic Side of Editing

✓ Beginners to Advanced will Benefit

✓ 4.5 hour + 3 bonus sessions (9+ hrs total)



Learn serious photo editing without the time and hassle of advanced photoshop.

Be More Artistic With Editing

There are hundreds of classes out there that teach photographers how to use Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop. Most are focused on either the generic fundamentals or a very technical side of editing – often leaving us feeling uninspired or overwhelmed. This course is different. You'll learn how to use local adjustments to pull the eye through an image and ultimately... be more artistic with your photo editing.

A Simpler Process, Equally as Powerful


Dan's process compares to the effectiveness of using many advanced Photoshop techniques (such as Luminosity Masks), but requires much less time and effort to master. People who don't want to spend hours and hours editing or are not confident using Photoshop will find this method as an excellent alternative. 

Experienced Instructor

With over 10 years leading workshops and teaching Lightroom, Dan has developed a reputation as one of the top photo educators in the country. He is known for being generous and patient with sharing his knowledge and has received countless reviews from past students, some of which you can read below.


****Update coming soon! Please note that a new version of Lightroom was released after this video was made. There are a few significant changes to the way certain tools are accessed. However, the majority of it remains similar and almost all of my technique is the same. For example, I use the radial filter and graduated filters all the time - those are now called radial gradient and linear gradient. I use them in the exact same way, they are simply accessed differently now. I am working on an updated version -- anyone who has purchased in the past will receive the upgraded version at no extra cost. 


 Video course (4.5 hours) plus 3 bonus sessions for 9+ hours of content. Chapter format for easy navigation and option to download for offline learning. Over 20 example images. 


  • Basic Adjustments

  • Advanced Adjustments

  • Local Adjustments

  • Pano Stitching 


  • Object Removal 

  • Focus Stacking 

  • Image Blending 

  • Focal Length Blending

 "Dan is an excellent teacher. His class was probably the best educational investment that I have made for my photography." 

“I have been shooting for 30 years and one day with Dan has literally changed the way I shoot, select and edit and my photos forever. I have had several teachers and mentors along the way, but Dan brought these keys points to light better than anyone else.  Dan is honest, down-to-earth, amazingly knowledgable, helpful and generous with his guidance."

"I learned more about using the develop module in the first 20 minutes of Dan Ballard's class than I learned in the past year of using Lightroom."

“I wasn't impressed with my images until I took them into Lightroom and edited them as you suggested and  I am thrilled with the end product. Wow! I have had so many great comments on my photos. You were a great teacher as well as being a fantastic photographer. That's a rare combination."

"I consider myself an advanced beginner but despite taking a lot of pictures and watching many hours of YouTube videos, most of my work looked more like “snapshots” instead of photographs. The workshop filled in many of the gaps that I just hadn’t been able to figure out on my own. Dan’s artistic and technical expertise, patience, and ability to recognize the difficulties I was having, explain why I was having them, and provide instant solutions to those problems were invaluable."

"Exactly the class I was looking for. I've appreciated and admired Dan's photos for several years with an understanding that Dan primarily uses Lightroom. I've been curious as to how he gets such beautiful, bold results. While there are many resources out there for determining a virtual dark room work flow, most are pretty standard and follow the develop menu from top to bottom. Dan's presentation was clear and easy to follow giving me a good start to thinking about my process in a different manner and thinking about the end vision for the work."

"The post-processing techniques that you showed us in Lightroom for the intimate landscapes we were shooting were a real “game changer” for me and I’m looking forward to trying them on my photos. I love it when I come away from a workshop so excited about photography and trying new things!

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