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2020 Landscape Photography Workshops 

Join pro Dan Ballard for a 3 day photography trip to improve skills and capture stunning landscapes.

Small Groups • Unique Locations • Individual Instruction • Creative Editing • Portfolio Feedback 

COVID-19 UPDATE: Currently, all workshops listed below are continuing as planned - with safety protocols and extra steps being taken to maintain a safe environment. While we can't guarantee dates won't be affected, we're optimistic based on information available. Your deposit is 100% transferable if a workshop date is impacted by COVID-19. Please send me an email if you have any questions or concerns.



Get ready for a 3-day photo experience in the Wildflower Capital of Colorado! Striking mountain peaks and rolling hills covered with waist-high wildflowers surround the historic small town of Crested Butte. We will journey down dirt roads that wind through the valleys in search of great images.

July 17-19, 2020: FULL (waitlist)



July 24-26, 2020: FULL (waitlist)

Cost: 1,375 

Join Dan for a 3-day photography workshop in the charming small town of Crested Butte, tucked away in the remote Elk Mountain Range. Old mining roads from the late 19th century make this the ideal place to explore and find unique landscapes. We’ll take the back roads to photograph crystal clear alpine lakes, aspen groves, rugged mountain vistas.

I have been shooting for 30 years and one day with Dan has literally changed the way I shoot, select and edit and my photos forever. [He] is honest, down-to-earth, amazingly knowledgeable, helpful and generous with his guidance. If you want an honest assessment of where you can improve and get to the next level, there is no better.”    —Karen Berman

August 28-30, 2020: ONLY 1 SPOT!

Cost: 1,175

Capture the tallest and most awe-inspiring sand dunes in North America! We will be shooting some of the most photogenic areas of the dunes with the stunning Sangre de Cristo Mountain backdrop and meandering flow of the Medano creek bed. I’ve always said that these sand dunes rank as one of my top shooting destinations in the world for landscape photography. 

Join me for 3-days photographing horses running through lush green fields set against an enormous, snow-capped mountain range along with the beautiful Wyoming landscape. Traditionally dressed cowboys and cowgirls will make the perfect subject as the sun rises behind them. Located outside of Jackson Hole, WY! 

Sept 4-6, 2020: FULL (waitlist)

Cost: 1,475 

I recently spent the day with Dan Ballard. He is the real deal. He not only takes breathtaking shots, but he knows how to teach others how to do the same thing. I learned a lot from Dan, he has an easy to understand style and takes the time to explain many other aspects about making your photos marketable.”


—Susan Humphrey



Sept. 11-13, 2020: FULL (waitlist)

Cost: 1,375 

Featuring dates during fall color! Join me for 3-days of shooting the epic scenery of the Silverton-Ouray area in Southwest Colorado. Peaks rise in every direction with waterfalls around almost every corner...  if you know where to look and have a 4WD that is! In this workshop we will explore the dirt roads and mountain passes of these beautiful mountains.

Sept 18-20, 2020: 1 SPOT OPEN

Cost: 1,475

Spend 3-days shooting stunning western scenes in Colorado. This is your chance to capture beautiful horses running against a mountain backdrop along with old barns, cowboys, homesteads, natural grasses, streams and so much more. We will spend the mornings shooting at an authentic 4,000-acre cattle ranch! 

The workshop filled in the gaps that I just hadn’t been able to figure out on my own. Dan’s artistic and technical expertise, patience, and ability to recognize the difficulties I was having, explain why I was having them, and provide instant solutions to those problems were invaluable.  –Mike Menachof

Sept. 25-27, 2020: FULL (waitlist)

Cost: 1,275 

3-days of winding mountain roads, aspen filled valleys and bursts of orange and gold…. Fall color in Colorado is sure to inspire. But that’s not all this photography workshop is about. We will focus on the dramatic scenery of the towering San Juan Mountains  and venture to less known locations to create original images.


Oct. 16-18, 2020: FULL (waitlist)

Cost: 1,275 

Hidden in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania are some of the most impressive and photogenic old barns and silos in the country. The in-use, rundown beauty of these rustic old farms blew me away. Join me for a 3-day workshop capturing the history and culture of the countryside of Pennsylvania in the fall.  

I envisioned that I would capture many new and breathtaking landscapes—which I did!  However, what I wasn’t expecting, and what I didn’t really experience in other workshops was Dan’s philosophy of photography.  I left Dan’s workshop as a more aware and calculated photographer.  Dan has an unmistakable passion for photography, and he challenges his students with his philosophy to help them grow in their photographic journey. 


— Greg Liengswangwong



Oct. 23-25, 2020: ONLY 2 SPOTS!

Cost: $1075

This photography workshop focuses on improving drone landscape photography skills! 75% in the classroom and 25% in the field. We will dig into drone photography concepts, techniques for taking great images, scouting for drone locations, image editing and more. *This is not a drone workshop - it is a photography workshop with a focus on using drones.

Nov. 6-8, 2020: FILLING FAST!

Cost: 1,375 

In this 3-day workshop we will take the path less traveled in search of unique images. Most people come to Moab to shoot the same images that millions of others have already taken, but you will come home with images most have never seen! My goal is to challenge you to discover new and interesting shooting locations that you may not find on your own.

Dan Ballard has a keen eye for great landscape photography and experience in capturing it, HOWEVER, it is his determination to share his in-depth knowledge and teach it to others that was the highlight of the weekend. He was very patient with each student and took interest in each individual’s needs and level of experience. I gained tremendous increased knowledge in my landscape shooting as well as image processing in Lightroom. This is a serious workshop for serious landscape photographers of any level.  –Stan Crane



Nov. 13-15, 2020: ONLY 1 SPOT!

Cost: 1,475 

Spend 3-days shooting stunning western scenes in Westcliffe, Colorado in beautiful winter conditions. This is your chance to shoot beautiful horses running against a mountain backdrop along with old barns, cowboys, homesteads, natural grasses, streams and so much more. We will spend the mornings shooting at an authentic 4,000-acre working cattle ranch! 



Feb. 2021: FULL (waitlist)

Cost: 1,750

If you think Norway is beautiful in the summer, you should see the Lofoten Islands during the winter! Massive snow-capped peaks dominate the horizon with epic views in every direction. The sun is up for 7 hours in February so we will have plenty of time to focus on shooting traditional landscape scenes. While we may do some night shooting, this workshop is not centered around the aurora and instead is all about the natural beauty of Norway in the wintertime. 

Why Take One of My Workshops?

Over 10 years of experience teaching photography.

While photography is my first passion, teaching is a close second. Over the past years I’ve worked with hundreds of photographers across the globe — from beginner hobbyists to emerging pros who are striving to make it to the next level. I am fluent working with Nikon, Sony and Canon gear. These workshops are for anyone and everyone who wants to improve their photography skills!


I run my workshops the same way that I shoot personally. We will journey away from iconic locations to discover new and interesting landscapes. My goal is to guide you in creating original images while helping you see the final printed image in your "mind's eye" before you push the button. 


I’ve been told by many students that my workshops are unique in the sense that I always stay with the group providing one-on-one instruction and critique. When I am shooting, it is with the aim of sharing ideas and thoughts as the light changes. You will learn about my entire process for creating powerful and dramatic images starting with where to shoot and why. We will dig into how to master composition, understand light as well as image processing in Lightroom.


Take one of my workshops and you will come home not only with beautiful photos, but a deeper understanding for creating stunning works of art.

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