Colorado Wildflowers Photography Workshop: Crested Butte

 July 16-18, 2021 led by Dan Ballard: FULL
 July 9-11, 2021 led by Joe Roybal: NOW OPEN!
Cost: 1,275  [$375 due at registration]

Join us for a 3-day photography experience in the Wildflower Capital of Colorado. Rugged mountain peaks and rolling hills covered with waist-high wildflowers surround the historic small town of Crested Butte (worthy of a photo in itself). Prepared to be dazzled by Lupines, Glacier Lilies, Indian Paintbrushes, Columbines, Sunflowers, and about fifty other species of flowers. We will journey down the many dirt roads that wind through the valleys in search of spectacular images. This Colorado Wildflowers Photography Workshop is one the most enjoyable photography outings you will find!   

Experience Level

Beginner - Advanced 

Both beginners & experienced photographers will benefit from this workshop. I will work closely with you to address  strengths and weaknesses. All can expect to be challenged.



All age levels are welcome on this photography workshop. We’ll drive to each location then walk to the best position for sunrise & sunset. *Reach out if you have limitations.


Field & Classroom

We will be in the field shooting for sunrise and sunset with classroom time & breaks during the day. Learn composition techniques, adv camera settings, image editing & more!

Group Size

10 max

We prefer to keep workshops small, ensuring that each person will have ample time for one-on-one instruction. This photography workshop is limited to 10 people. 

Wildflower season
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Colorado Wildflowers Photography Worksho
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Colorado Wildflowers Photography Workshop_2
Colorado Wildflowers Photography Workshop_1
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 Unique Locations • Individual Instruction • Creative Editing • Portfolio Feedback Session

Discover Vibrant 

Colorado Landscapes

Wildflowers Photography Workshop

This is a full on landscape photography workshop and not a tour of the wildflowers. That means we will be working nonstop to improve your photography skills, from the technical how to side of creating sharp images to compositional theory and image editing.


We will stay at the Grand Lodge where we will have classroom time and explore the surrounding area from there. Our goal is to capture the wildflowers in the best light, which means we will be out early for sunrise and again for sunset. 


Your instructor will always be with the group providing thoughts, advice and real time critique as the light changes. I run my workshops the same way that I shoot personally. By keeping the group small we can react quickly to changing conditions and scout interesting locations.

Years of Experience with Sony, Nikon, and Canon Gear 

Not Just Pretty Flowers 

This workshop features Colorado wildflowers and beyond. You will learn how to use flowers as a foreground for majestic mountain landscapes. 


We will be out shooting and exploring during sunrise and sunset to ensure we find the best conditions. During daytime hours we will have classroom time where we will focus on photography concepts and techniques. 


Image Composition 

Learning how to compose an image is one of the most important elements of photography and probably one of the hardest to master. Starting with this class and continuing throughout the workshop, you will learn simple and actionable skills that will help you find amazing compositions in any environment.


Creative Editing

We will go through the editing process from beginning to end using a combination of mostly Lightroom with some fairly easy but extremely powerful Photoshop to finish it off. This editing method is very artistic and effective for beginners and advanced users alike. It is always one of the highlights of the workshop.

portfolio example_edited.jpg

Portfolio Feedback

Getting honest and constructive feedback about your images is extremely hard to find. At the end of every workshop I will dig into 15-20 of your best shots to give you insightful critique on how to improve. While these sessions are honest, we guarantee you will go away inspired with new ideas and thoughts on making great images.

Photography Workshop Schedule


We will start the workshop off at 2:30PM at the Grand Lodge with an introduction, followed by a classroom session on light and composition. We will have an early dinner at a local restaurant before heading out to shoot sunset.


On Saturday we will rise before the sun to capture the best light over the peaks and wildflowers. After breakfast and a short break, we will have a classroom session on image processing with Lightroom. Then we will go out for any early dinner followed by the evening photoshoot. 


On Sunday, the mountain vistas will be beckoning us again to shoot the early morning sunrise. We will end with a feedback session that will break down 15-20 of your best images and give you new ideas on how to improve. We will finish up around 11AM.

* Exact schedule subject to change due to weather, good light, etc.

Planning Your Trip

Please note that transportation and accommodations for the Colorado Wildflowers Photography Workshop are up to each individual participant.

Hotel: We have reserved a block of rooms at the Grand Lodge in Crested Butte for the workshop dates. After sign-up you will receive an email with information to confirm your stay.

Car: If you won't have your personal vehicle, we highly recommend renting a vehicle so you can also explore on your own before/after the workshop. We will be carpooling to each location during the workshop. 

Flight: The closest nearby airport is in Gunnison, about half an hour drive from Crested Butte. You can also fly into Denver, which is about a 4-hour drive to Crested Butte. 


An historic coal mining turned ski town; Crested Butte is a place that lives and breathes outdoor adventure where the only limits are your own. An authentic destination, where crowds don't exist, zany, festive community events are a priority, and genuine family adventure awaits. With vibrant Victorian store-fronts and expressive local characters, Crested Butte remains true to its heritage and radiates an unparalleled welcoming and inviting spirit that will take you back to a simpler life and time.

Courtesy coloradoski.com 

About Crested Butte 
Aerial View of Desert



July 9-11 Workshop

Led by Joseph Roybal

Dan Ballard.jpg

July 16-18 Workshop

Led by Dan Ballard

What's Included in the Colorado Wildflowers Photography Workshop: 

Pro Instruction • Classroom Courses • Portfolio Feedback Sessions • Snacks and Water
 Not Included: flights, hotel, car and food 

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Operating under a Special Use Permit on the Gunnison National Forest. Dan Ballard Photography is an equal opportunity service provider.

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