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Meet Joseph Roybal

Pro Landscape Photographer

& Workshop Instructor 

I’ve spent countless hours shooting with Joe, and can attest that his editing style and camera skills are at the utmost highest level. He’s also one of the nicest guys I know.

– Dan Ballard

Joseph Roybal is a professional fine art landscape photographer based in Denver, Colorado. His inspiration stems from his desire to explore the world around him. Through his years of shooting, he discovered that the only way to truly learn is to be open and vulnerable to new experiences – as the best images sometimes come from the most unpredictable situations. 


Joseph's work has been published in AFAR Travel Magazine, Denver Magazine, The Denver Post and promoted by numerous stock agencies. He shares his knowledge as a photography instructor and speaker – presenting at camera clubs and conferences, leading workshops and scouting locations for National Geographic. He is proud to be a partner with several of the industry’s leading companies including Peak Design, Lowepro, ZEAL Optics, Mountain Standard and Breakthrough Filters. 

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Workshops Lead by Joseph

Here is your chance to join a workshop with Joseph Roybal and explore some absolutely epic locations. The itinerary, locations and details follow the exact same plan as the original workshop. 


Join Pro Photographer Joseph Roybal for a 3-day photography workshop in Death Valley National Park to improve your skills and capture incredible landscapes. From valleys to sand dunes to canyons to salt flats, there's a reason why they call it the photographer's oasis. Very few places on earth offer as many textures, intense colors and extreme conditions to capture.


Join Joseph for a 3-day wildflower photography workshop in Crested Butte, Colorado. Rugged mountain peaks and rolling hills covered with waist-high wildflowers surround the historic small town (worthy of a photo in itself). We will journey down the many dirt roads that wind through the valleys in search of spectacular images. 


A 3-day photo workshop in and around White Sands National Park in New Mexico! In late April, the desert bloom should be in full swing with great opportunities to shoot photogenic cacti with the Organ Mountains as a gorgeous backdrop. Learn from Joseph Roybal both in the classroom and in the field for this exciting desert workshop.


Join Pro Photographer Joseph Roybal in capturing the gems of California's rugged coast line. The dramatic seascape, towering redwoods, waterfalls and mountain streams of the big sur area are sure to inspire any photographer. Get ready to learn and explore during this exciting 3-day photography weekend. Email to get on the interest list to be notified when this workshop is open for registration. 




Join Pro Joseph Roybal for a 3-day photo workshop in one of the top areas to shoot fall color in country! Sprawling aspen groves, rugged mountain terrain and alpine lakes define this stunning Colorado landscape. Capture intimate scenes along with sweeping mountain vistas during peak light. This is a fall color workshop you don't want to miss!

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