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Norway Photography Workshop: Senja (Lofoten Islands)


Join me for a jaw-dropping 4-day photography workshop in the stunning landscape of Northern Norway. Magnificent peaks, quaint fishing villages and crystal clear fjords set the scene for a fascinating photography experience. This year we will be shooting in a region just north of Lofoten Islands called Senja.


I discovered Senja a few years ago and it has proven to be a true hidden gem of these islands, with dozens of exceptional shots and significantly less crowds. We will shoot locations that are off the beaten path including rarely photographed scenes of Norway's most impressive landscapes. I can't emphasize enough what an incredible workshop this will be!

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Lofoten Islands Senja Norway Photography Workshop_4
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Lofoten Islands Senja Norway Photography Workshop_3
Lofoten Islands Senja Norway Photography Workshop_2
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 Unique Locations • Individual Instruction • Creative Editing • Portfolio Feedback Session 

Experience Level

Beginner - Advanced 

Both beginners & experienced photographers will benefit from this workshop. I will work closely with you to address  strengths and weaknesses. All can expect to be challenged.



All age levels are welcome. Light hiking is involved on this photography workshop. We’ll drive to each location then walk to the best position for sunrise & sunset. *Reach out if you have any limitations


Fjords, Peaks, Waterfalls

We will be exploring the tip of the earth above the arctic circle. Get ready for midnight sun with hours of color over the dramatic peaks and fjords.   

Group Size

8 people

I prefer to keep workshops small, ensuring that each person will have ample time for one-on-one instruction. This photography workshop is limited to 8 people. 

Capture the most epic light...

Sunset time 10:30pm

Sunrise time 3:00am

Years of Experience with Sony, Nikon, and Canon Gear 


4 Day Norway Photography Workshop

During this time of year in Norway we will have the late night sun! This means we will be shooting through the night while the sky has the best color and have classroom time during the day. Our group will be staying in a small fishing village and exploring the dramatic scenery of the surrounding area from there. 

I will always be with the group providing thoughts, advice and real time critique through-out the entire workshop. We will chase light and weather and choose our spots based on the most dramatic conditions.  I run my workshops the same way that I shoot personally— by keeping the group small we can react quickly to changing conditions and scout interesting locations.


We will be out shooting and exploring during sunrise and sunset to ensure we find the best conditions. During daytime hours we will have classroom time where we will focus on photography concepts and techniques. 


Image Composition 

Learning how to compose an image is one of the most important elements of photography and probably one of the hardest to master. Starting with this class and continuing throughout the workshop, I will teach you simple and actionable skills that will help you find amazing compositions in any environment.


Creative Editing

We will go through my editing process from beginning to end using a combination of mostly Lightroom with some fairly easy but extremely powerful Photoshop to finish it off. My editing method is very artistic and effective for beginners and advanced users alike. It is always one of the highlights of the workshop.

portfolio example_edited.jpg

Portfolio Feedback

Getting honest and constructive feedback about your images is extremely hard to find. At the end of every workshop I will dig into 15-20 of your best shots to give you insightful critique on how to improve. While these sessions are honest, I guarantee you will go away inspired with new ideas and thoughts on making great images.

“The Norway workshop was truly an unbelievable experience. There's so much I learned both behind the camera and the computer that I continue to incorporate into my ongoing photography endeavors.”  —Stacy

Planning Your Trip to Norway

Please note that each participant is responsible for their own food, transportation and accommodations.

Hotel: I have reserved a block of rooms in the town Mefjordvær for the workshop dates. After sign-up you will receive an email with information to confirm your stay. You will need to make your own reservations for any time before/after the workshop dates.

Car: I highly recommend renting a vehicle so you can also explore on your own before/after the workshop. During the workshop we will carpool to each location.


Flights: There are many different routes to get to the Norway Photography Workshop, all of which are fairly easy and involve stunning scenery. You will fly into Oslo International Airport first, followed by a short domestic flight and an easy drive.

Olso to Bardufoss / or Eveness

You can also fly into Bardufoss, rent a car, then drive 2 hours to the town of Mefjordvær. Another option is to fly into Eveness and drive 4 hours.

Oslo to Andenes

You can fly into Andenes where you will need to rent a car. From here, take the 90-minute ferry to Gryllefjord, it departs each day at 0845 and 1700. You will then drive 1 hour to the town of Mefjordvær.

Schedule Overview

Day 1: Workshop begins at 3PM at the hotel, meet in hotel lobby, intro class on design and composition, dinner as a group, shoot sunset through the night 


Day 2: finish shooting sunrise around 4 or 5am, time off for sleeping and meals, Lightroom editing course, shoot sunset through the night 


Day 3: finish shooting sunrise around 4 or 5am, time off for sleeping and meals, more lightroom if any has the energy, dinner as a group, shoot sunset through the night 


Day 4: finish shooting sunrise, portfolio review session, end of workshop about 9AM (get some sleep!) 

This 4 day workshop is perfect for independent photographers who enjoy learning with a group but also enjoy having plenty of time to explore on their own. I encourage you to spend a few days exploring before or after the workshop to discover all that Senja and the Lofoten Islands have to offer.

Beautiful Senja is Norway's second largest island, located near the Loften Islands and far above the Arctic Circle. Here you are greeted by an awe-inspiring mix of sea, mountains, beaches, fishing villages and inland areas, all within a few hours drive. The Oceanside of our island is precipitous with sculptural rocks and colorful fishing villages in sheltered coves. The inland is filled with mountains, lakes and forests, and the mainland-facing coast sports unexpectedly green fields.

Discover the wonders

of Norway 

What's Included in the Norway Photography Workshop:

Instruction from Dan Ballard • Classroom Courses • Portfolio Feedback Session • Snacks and Water

 Not Included: flights, hotel, car and food 

Have questions? Feel free to reach out.
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