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Beginners • Hobbyists • Semi-Pros 

Journey off-the-beaten path with Dan Ballard to capture remarkable landscapes. 

While photography is my first passion, teaching is a close second. Over the past years, I’ve worked with hundreds of photographers across the globe — from beginner hobbyists to emerging pros who are striving to make it to the next level. These workshops are for anyone and everyone who wants to improve their photography skills.


I run my workshops the same way that I shoot personally. We will journey away from iconic locations to discover new and interesting landscapes. My goal is to guide you in creating original images while helping you see the final printed image in your "mind's eye" before you push the button. 


I’ve been told by many students that my workshops are unique in the sense that I always stay with the group providing one-on-one instruction and critique. When I am shooting, it is with the aim of sharing ideas and thoughts as the light changes. You will learn about my entire process for creating powerful and dramatic images starting with where to shoot and why. We will dig into how to master composition, understand light as well as image processing in Lightroom.


Take one of my workshops and you will come home not only with beautiful photos, but a deeper understanding for creating remarkable works of art.

Photo Credit: Joe Roybal Photography
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