Winter Norway Photography Workshop:

February 25-28, 2021 | 1 spot now open!

Cost: 1,750  ($450 deposit due at registration)

If you think Norway is beautiful in the summer, you should see the Lofoten Islands during the winter! Massive snow-capped peaks dominate the horizon with epic views in every direction. The sun is up for 7 hours in February so we will have plenty of time to focus on shooting traditional landscape scenes. While we may do some night shooting, this workshop is not centered around the aurora and instead is all about the natural beauty of Norway in the wintertime. This is the perfect opportunity to work on your photography skills with the help of a pro, while also capturing one the the most beautiful places in the world.  


4 Day Norway Photography Workshop

The workshop will be focused around shooting during sunrise and sunset to capture the most beautiful light and conditions, with classroom time during the day. We will base out of the small village of Nusfjord and explore the dramatic scenery of the surrounding area from there. We will chase light and weather and choose our spots based on the most dramatic conditions. 


Dan will always be with the group providing thoughts, advice and real time critique through-out the entire workshop. You are encouraged to ask questions and get individual help with specific challenges while in the field and the classroom. 


 Unique Locations • Individual Instruction • Creative Editing • Portfolio Feedback Session 

Years of Experience with Sony, Nikon, and Canon Gear 

Please note that each participant is responsible for their own food, transportation and accommodations.

Vehicle: The absolute best way to travel around is by renting a car, which is strongly recommended. Our hotel is only a 35 minute drive from the closest airport. While traveling by public transportation is an option, it requires doing some heavy research and planning on your own (the Lofoten islands are remote with few major urban areas).


Flights: The fastest and easiest way to get to the workshop is to fly into the Leknes Airport, which is a 35 minute drive from our hotel. Most flight options will have you to first fly into Olso then a domestic flight to Lofoten. There are several other ways to plan your route if you have extra time to explore before and after the workshop, such as Harstad/Narvik Airport (4 hour scenic drive to the hotel). 


Lodging: We reserved cabins for our group at Nusfjord Arctic Resort, a part of a historic idyllic fishing village. It has an on-site restaurant and is located next to the sea on a beautiful fjord with views in all directions. We will send out more information about confirming or extending your stay upon sign-up. 

This workshop is perfect for independent photographers who enjoy learning with a group, but also enjoy flexibility and the freedom of having time to explore on their own (either before or after the workshop). 



Trip to


Schedule Overview

Day 1: Workshop begins at 1PM at the hotel, intro class on design and composition, head out to shoot sunset, dinner as a group


Day 2: Rise early to shoot sunrise, short time off for break and meals, Lightroom editing course, head out to shoot sunset, dinner as a group


Day 3: Rise early to shoot sunrise, short time off for break and meals, portfolio feedback session, head out to shoot sunset, dinner as a group


Day 4: Last morning shooting sunrise, back for breakfast, final lightroom editing, end of workshop 

Sunrise: 7:50am / Sunset: 4:55pm

Experience Level

Beginner - Advanced 

Both beginners & experienced photographers will benefit from this workshop. I will work closely with you to address  strengths and weaknesses. All can expect to be challenged.



All age levels welcome. We will drive to each location & a short walk to the best position. You should be comfortable on uneven surfaces. *Reach out if you have any limitations


Fjords, Peaks, Ice

Dramatic peaks and fjords! We will be shooting in winter conditions. Please be prepared for snow and ice, with waterproof boots and plenty of warm layers.      

Group Size

8 people

I prefer to keep workshops small, ensuring that each person will have ample time for one-on-one instruction. This photography workshop is limited to 8 people. 


We will be out shooting and exploring during sunrise and sunset to ensure we find the best conditions. During daytime hours we will have classroom time where we will focus on photography concepts and techniques. 

Image Composition 

Learning how to compose an image is one of the most important elements of photography and probably one of the hardest to master. Starting with this class and continuing throughout the workshop, I will teach you simple and actionable skills that will help you find amazing compositions in any environment.

Creative Editing

We will go through my editing process from beginning to end using a combination of mostly Lightroom with some fairly easy but extremely powerful Photoshop to finish it off. My editing method is very artistic and effective for beginners and advanced users alike. It is always one of the highlights of the workshop.

Portfolio Feedback

Getting honest and constructive feedback about your images is extremely hard to find. At the end of every workshop I will dig into 15-20 of your best shots to give you insightful critique on how to improve. While these sessions are honest, I guarantee you will go away inspired with new ideas and thoughts on making great images.

“The Norway workshop was truly an unbelievable experience. There's so much I learned both behind the camera and the computer that I continue to incorporate into my ongoing photography endeavors.”  —Stacy

How Cold?

Winter Conditions on Lofoten

Surprisingly, not as cold as you'd think! It's said that the Lofoten Islands look colder than it actually is (most of the time, aside from occasional wind gust!) As a coastal region the climate is mild due to the Gulf Stream, the North Atlantic Current and the Norwegian Current. 


Driving in Norway in late February is no problem as long as you are comfortable with typical winter conditions. Like winter driving anywhere in the world, there is always the potential for a snowstorm or ice on the roads. However, Norwegian road maintenance crews prepare well for this. Rental cars should come equipped with studded tires and it is not mandatory to have 4WD, as most locals just drive normal cars. 

High of 35°F  /  Low of 27°F


Join the Winter Norway Photography Workshop 

What's Included in the Norway Photography Workshop:

Instruction from Dan Ballard • Classroom Courses • Portfolio Feedback Session • Snacks and Water

 Not Included: flights, hotel, car and food 


Have questions? Feel free to reach out.