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Foggy trees faded background image
Pro Landscape
and Travel 
Landscape Photography of Iceland: Snow capped mountains with stream during colorful sunset
2 camels and boy cross vast sand dune landscape
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Beautiful mountains and bight blue lake during sunset
Jagged mountains with snow faded in background
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Bright sunrays shining through valley with 3 lakes and giant mountains in Norway
A River and road lead through a forest to giant mountains with soft clouds during sunset
A stunning fjord viewpoint overlooking ocean and mountains during sunset.
Arial view of rivers and streams faded in background

His portfolio reflects over a decade of traveling the globe, spending countless days chasing light and waiting for perfect moments in time.

Dan Ballard is an internationally known landscape and travel photographer.

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in the world's most beautiful places

A woman wearing yellow covering walks next to an old building

For me, the purpose of photography is to take the viewer on a journey. To capture the imagination and create a sense of awe for the world around us. There is no substitute for actually being there, but I hope my photos will unlock your imagination and invite you to explore this amazing planet."

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