Drone Landscape Photography Workshop

October 23-25, 2020 in Bend, Oregon 

Cost: $1075 total ($375 deposit at registration)



COVID Update: We are continuing with this workshop as planned with extra safety precautions in place. Please reach out if you have any questions



Join Dan Ballard for a 3-day weekend to improve your drone landscape photography skills! We will dig into drone photography concepts – including techniques for taking great images, scouting for drone locations, image editing and more. This is not a drone workshop, this is a photography workshop using drones. While most of our time will be in the classroom, time shooting will be focused on camera settings and image composition. See below for details.  Bend has great weather, natural beauty and good accessibility for drone photography. 

Take your photography to new heights. 

*Photos are examples of Dan's drone work. They are not representative of what we will be shooting.

colorful sky in senja norway
landscape photography workshop
norway arial photography epic
arial photography iceland

What to Expect 

70% in the Classroom and 30% in the Field 

This workshop differs from Dan's other workshops, as it is not centered around shooting locations. Instead, it is 100% focused on learning. Any time spent in the field will be practicing what you have learned (versus getting new images to add to your portfolio.) That said, there will be 1 shoot with traditional cameras on Sunday morning at a beautiful location, to take advantage of being in Bend. We will also recommend some great spots if you choose to shoot/fly on your own. It is likely we end up capturing some great drone images during the workshop – we just want to make it clear that it is not the main focus.  


We always want to promote safe and environmentally-friendly flying. So, for parts of the workshop that involve using drones in the field, we will have 3 sessions in which only 3 people will fly. Everyone will have the chance to fly for 1 session and observe (and/or shoot DSLR) for the other 2 sessions, plus 1 non-drone shoot on Sunday. Those not scheduled to fly will greatly benefit from observing, listening to feedback and the opportunity to ask questions.

Team Building

Group 1:

Friday Evening

drone shoot

Team Building

Group 2:

Saturday Morning

drone shoot

Team Building

Group 3:

Saturday Evening

drone shoot



On Friday, we will start off at 9am at the hotel meeting room for the intro class. There will be a short break for lunch during the class. After the class we will head out for Group 1 session, followed by dinner as a group. On Saturday, we will begin with Group 2 session followed by a break for breakfast before meeting up at 10am for class. We will have a break for lunch then finish class by 3pm. We will meet back up for the Group 3 shoot and have dinner after. On Sunday, we will have a non-drone photoshoot with all groups followed by the image feedback session and Q&A. We will wrap up around 11AM. 

9am-3pm: Intro Class

5pm: Group 1 Shoot*

7am: Group 2 Shoot*

10am-3pm: Classroom Session

5pm: Group 3 Shoot*

7am: Non-drone shoot 

8:30am-11am: Feedback Session





*During the 2 sessions that you are not scheduled to fly/shoot, you are encouraged to come observe and learn – or if you'd like to practice on your own Dan will provide a short list of recommended locations.

Planning your trip to Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon has great weather, natural beauty and good accessibility for drone photography.  When planning your trip, please note that the cost of food, accommodation and transportation is up to each participant. Please bring your own camera and drone gear. Below are our recommendations. 

Hotel: We have reserved a block of rooms at the Hilton in Bend where we will meet and have classroom time. We will send out a group email with information on how to confirm your stay. Please do not make your own reservation.

Car: It is highly recommended that if you will not be driving your own vehicle, that you rent a vehicle at the airport for getting to and from the workshop. 

Flight: Roberts Field (RDM) is located in Redmond, which is 15 miles north of Bend. There are direct flights from Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City. You can also fly into Portland and drive about 3.5 hours to Bend. 

This workshop is designed for photographers who have their own drone and want to improve their drone photography skills​. We will not go over basic flight maneuvers or basic set-up. Everything you learn will be 100% centered around photography.

We DO recommend this workshop if you want to: 

  • Improve your drone landscape photography skills 

  • Master techniques specific for drone photography 

  • Understand perspective and use it to your advantage

  • Get the best settings for shooting stills on a drone 

  • Learn how to scout locations to fly your drone 

  • Learn to read the best light for drone sensors

  • Discover new drone specific photo editing techniques 

  • Find the best apps and online resources 

We DO NOT recommend this workshop: 

  • If you do not have your own drone

  • If you have never flown a drone 

  • If you are not comfortable taking off and landing 

  • If your focus is on shooting video 

  • If you are only looking to take images (versus learn) 

  • If you do not fly responsibly 


What is included in the workshop?

✓ Instruction from Pro Dan Ballard

✓ 3x classroom session

✓ 2x shooting sessions 

✓ 2x observation sessions

✓ Digital copy of editing video

✓ Local insight from partner Bend Photo Tours

Not included: Food, accommodation, and transportation. Bring your own gear. 



COVID Update



We are continuing with this workshop as planned with extra safety precautions in place. Small group size limited to 9 participants. Clasroom sessions will take place in a large meeting space with room to spread out with open windows for fresh air. We will be sanitizing the meeting space and high-touch surfaces frequently. We will have time off for meals, so you have the option get sit-down or take-out. Please plan to wear a mask.