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Conversation with Matt Payne on F-Stop Collaborate and Listen Podcast

Last week I had a great discussion with Matt Payne Photography on his podcast F-Stop Collaborate & Listen. We talked about a few topics including finding unique locations and the current state of landscape photography. Matt's podcast features tons of interesting topics by some incredible landscape photographers. It's an awesome resource for the photography community! Be sure to subscribe to his series!

“A Tale of Near Death in Tibet”

The story below may just be scariest thing that has ever happened to me while traveling. I have been robbed at gun point twice, was almost thrown in jail in Syria, spent several crazy days in Iraq during the height of the conflict there, slept on the street most nights while hitchhiking through Europe and the Middle East, amongst other things and this was by far the closest I felt I have come to dying. The mountainous area of western Tibet is a rarely explored mix of dizzying heights, culture, religion and often tragedy for those who choose to explore its upper reaches. For a landscape photographer it is heaven. Peaks reaching to over 24,000ft ascend from the grassy plains into clear blue sk

Shooting in Precarious Situations | RSS Guest Blog Post

It seems like so many times the ideal place to take a photograph is either on the slide of a cliff, in the middle of a fast-moving river, on half frozen ice, or at 17,000ft in the middle of nowhere in the Himalayas. Learning how to be smart, prepared, and aware in these situations can make all the difference between getting out safely, or getting yourself in trouble. Here are some tips to keep in mind when shooting in interesting and precarious situations. I just shared some survival tips for shooting in interesting and precarious situations as a guest writer on the Really Right Stuff blog. You can read the full article here.